Acceptable Use Policy

These policies govern use of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Please read these policies before you ever create an account or blog on our site. These experimental policies will be changed overtime. We’re willing to listen to anyone for the purpose of keeping our blogging platform running smoothly. However; you can always contact us about these policies, or request a reform,–if you suspected ‘policy laundering’ on our platform.

Adult Content

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is NOT a porn-hosting platform; the reason why we don’t allow pornography on our platform because, we don’t want any sexual images, and videos being displayed and posted. We take serious measures to keep pornography out of our blogging platform. If you wanted to run your blog with mature content; consider finding a web-hosting service that can handle adult content. For the best results;never post child-pornography on our platform. If you discovered a blog that is illegally distributing child-pornography on our blogging platform; please let us know; so we can terminate users who were distributing unwanted illegal images that are sexual. All users who were distributing child-pornography will be reported to law enforcement.

Promoting rape; violence against women; forced sexual activity, honored killings of anyone, slavery, sex slavery, human trafficking, sex traffiking, corrective rape, violence against children, prison rape, kidnapping of children, or any other sexual violence,–not limited to promotion of murdering anyone, terrorism; police brutality against anyone via race, religion, gender, disability, veteran status, imigrants, activists, or individuals who suffer PTSD is strictly prohibited.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is NOT suitable for sex-offenders who were convicted of sex crimes. Sex-offenders who were currently on probation, or in prison shall NOT use our platform for unlawful purposes. Any sex-offender who currently has an account on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will be removed from our site.

If your blog is educational, or is part of a cause, such as an undercover investigation of a slaughterhouse; or a neglectful privatized prison, or any corruption that’s been infecting our society, or any other cause, be sure to alert visitors about your content that might be sensitive to some viewers. Don’t mislead anyone about your cause. If you hosted your site elsewhere via a different host, and you prefer to host your own blog via your desired host, it’s okay, but a decision is yours.

Why Pornography Is NOT Welcomed On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

Pornographic images are NOT welcomed on this site because, nobody wants to see pornographic content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. We also don’t allow photos of naked individuals on our site. Sexually provocative content is not allowed on our site. If you’re a writer who writes erotica, please implement a custom intersticial page to warn others about your erotic content. At this time; we only allow soft erotic content (without sexual activity). Or you can implement a disclaimer page that discloses statements, and other info. And be sure to implement ‘Privacy Policy’ page on your site.

Why Content That Promotes Rape Culture Is NOT Allowed?

Rape is illegal, and you’ll be facing a prison sentence, or a restraining-order. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is NOT a ‘Rape host’ site. You should NOT post any text, image, audio, video, game, or any other content that promotes rape.

What Do You Mean?

It’s bad to rape anyone, never do it to someone under any under circumstances. Rape is a serious offense; you’ll be spending years behind bars. Think about a corrupted police officer who is guilty of raping women, and he’s been sentenced to many years behind bars. This video below shows you a corrupt officer, Daniel HoltzClaw facing a heavy prison sentence, and this is the verdict of his trial:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy doesn’t allow ‘rape fantasy’ content to be posted on our site either! That’s why many activists around the world want to end ‘rape culture’ at all costs. The Following blogging platforms has policies against rape are Blogger,, TypePad, Tumblr, Wix, and more. Now these days; law enforcement is cracking down on any website that promotes rape.