Can I Print To Read Content Offline?

If you were wanting to take a break from reading content on your screen, you can print our posts to read offline. This is useful if you want to do oldschool reading of our content.

As long as you abide to a Creative Commons License applied to our work, you may share a printed content what you printed from your printer.

Just type Control-P for a printing option to print your post. This is 1 way to print our posts. This is also useful if you want to turn our posts into your personal book to read. Also, reading offline can make it easier for you to read via these factors:

  • You Lived in a residential home with no internet, such as a home where sex offenders live via guidelines set by state/federal regulations in the USA, or other countries that govern sex offender restrictions.
  • You don’t have internet handy at home, or you have an internet outtage that lasts up to 4+ days.
  • You have a bad internet connection.
  • An ability to raise privacy when reading our content offline.
  • On an airplane to help mitigate noise on aircraft equipment.


Ink usage may vary from printer to printer, depending on a model. Also, you must have enough ink or toner in order to print our content for offline reading.

If you were using a printer that is managed by a school, or institution of any kind, check with your administrator to confirm if you can print webpages for offline use, and mention about Creative Commons licenses what we use for our content.


Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy Is NOT Available For Reuse Under A Creative Commons license.

Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy can have content printed for offline use, but copying content from this website is discouraged. Also, we discourage piracy.

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