What Happened To “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story)”… What I Was Reading For A Long Time?

It’s renamed to a new title of our series as a way to evolve. We are retitling our works as a way to prep for evolution of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

If you were following this RSS feed for a long time; you may need to remove it from your feed reader. Don’t worry, we have upcoming content to read. Well, our work will be revised as a way to help reduce the burden of developing remakes. Although; our posts are still the same, but our categories has been renamed.

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Choosing Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Over The Walt Disney Company

The following guide will provide you information about why you should choose Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Over The Walt Disney company. Although; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy can be a great alternative to the Walt Disney Company because, we produce our work… the different way.

You Always Read… No Animations Or Shows To Watch

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy prefers people to read our text-based content that is sometimes updated. For this instance; updated posts for revising our older content with extended storylines as a way to lengthen our work for further reading experience. Having someone reading our posts like a book is key to have some use their imagination like usual. And unlike making TV shows, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Invests on writing very long content. There are no animations to watch, and there’s no TV shows to watch on our website. Our primary website always have fun content to read like usual.

More reading means more readers who read our posts.

There are no remakes to our work, and there’s no other people who write content for you. Only us write our content via our inhouse studio.

Always Inhouse

We create our own work inhouse, and this is our fun way to entertain our visitors by posting content on a special basis, or regular basis. However; we often have schedules updating behind the scenes!

Always Have Reusable Media Available For Anyone

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is designed to have reusable media types. We currently have these media types of any kind. That can range from ebooks to our reusable fictional characters, and don’t forget our reusable products what we sometimes develop.

Media Type Fairies Dreams & Fantasy The Walt Disney Company
Ebooks (DRM-Free) Yes No
Fictional Characters (Creative Commons Licensed) Yes No

Always Free By 75%

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy always use 75%-free initiative as a way to reduce the burden of using memberships for monetizing our content. Each of our platform or service uses this format.

Providing free content to consume is key to enable people who have low income to consume our content without needing to pay a dime.

All ebooks are distributed to public libraries (when requested), tired of ebook stores that causes you to be stuck with a license to view/download our reusable content? No problem; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy always relies on distribution to public libraries, but you must request a librarian to purchase our ebooks in order to read our ebooks. Be aware; apps like Overdrive, and other reading apps still use measures to protect content against theft of intellectual property.

It’s optional to have an ad-free experienced via a paid account, and you don’t need to stay remain subscribed, you can always cancel anytime. However; all membership-based accounts are prepaid, making it easier for users to resubscribe anytime.

Always Screen-Reader Supported

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy use various efforts to enable other blind computer users to consume our content.

Comparing When Making A Transition To Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

As you migrate to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy… from from Disney, you can make a difference with your wallet. If you think price gouging is a problem, you are right! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Will NEVER gouge prices under any circumstances.

Use this table to help you get started with transitioning from Disney to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy The Wald Disney Company
Affordability Y N
Characters That Are NOT sexualized by 99.9% at a time? Y N
Content To Read By 99.9% Y N
Has Monopolies N Y (monopolies may be linked to antitrust)
Trademarks Fictional Characters? N Y
Uses DRM? N Y

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Like To Switch To Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

Switching from the Walt Disney Company to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is like replacing all Disney movies and books with alternatives to Disney what you may encounter today. When switching; you may expect something different, like lower prices, and affordabibility. Unlike Disney, you save more and get more content to read when possible.

You read more on your computer, phone or tablet,–or even a TV, if you connected your TV to a computer.

Characters are refined to be friendlier for the general audience, or parental guidence (no sexual content included).

There are no requirements to create an account to consume premium content that is free to view, but you can only pay for ad-free experience,–when you use an ad-blocking extension.

Always revising, we revise our work to add more depth to our content what you are reading.

We choose audience by 60%, profet by 40%; we’re NOT profeterring like most creators; we rely on audience who want to read to make reading more fun.

Always developing behind the scenes, we develop via a timed sequence when possible. For this instance, writing new books, or developing new gamebooks that are free to play.

It’s Black-owned, say good-bye to White-owned companies who has racism embedded for many years.

Diversified topics, diversity is key for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to have a group of readers with/without accounts.

This is a platform what you may admire overtime, always experimenting and taking risks over running into obstacles.

Has its own ad server, this ad server is dedicated to serve “privacy first” ads without trackers, and these ads are posted by advertisers who want to directly advertise on our server as a way to skip large ad networks who dictate where they’re ads go.

Creative Commons licensed works, our works like our characters and our content to read is always licensed under a Creative Commons license by 88.8% at a time; that means; more reusable content to consume!

Catered to poor communities who want to read content without needing to spend a dime. Stop wasting money on supporting the Walt Disney Company! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is always free, and it will stay free as a way to help keep costs for the poor down.

How Do I Get Started With Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

Just visit our website, and read, whitelist our ads with your ad-blocking extension, and enjoy! No account required.

As you read, your imagination does all of the work. You can always experience content that is updated, and revised as a way to lengthen our stories what we write on our website.

No more messing around with content by Disney, and no more hassles with DRM-enabled media or DRM-enabled content.

No more burden of using credit cards! Always free to read.

It’s always privacy first! Just clear your cookies and you can come back later.

Does Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Has A Channel For Viewing Media That Is DRM-Free?

Yes, all of our video-based content is DRM-Free! That means; we always keep our media open for viewers to consume.

I Liked Your Website, How Do I Spread The Word?

Just share the URL of our website, and share content what you are reading.

The more people share our content; the more exposure we get for our website, but don’t overdo it. Think twice,–before you post.

Why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Taking Too Long To Publish New Content?

This is normal for our site to publish content for the future, or update content behind the scenes, please be patient, we have to do other things, we are trying our best to invest enough time on our work what we write on a regular basis.

Sometimes, we have to do other projects that are essential for our operations of our platform, like writing books.

Why Is Your Content Using Light On Dark As A Color Scheme?

This is our strategic setup for displaying our content, we must use this effort as a way to help OLED screens save more energy, and help reduce CO2 levels on our planet, and reduce lit backgrounds. However; our color scheme will never change for printed media.

Why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Has Long Posts?

Long posts are key to help readers stick to our website, the longer the post, the more readers stick to our website. We always find ways for our readers to be entertained.

Why Parts Of Your Website Is Written Like A Book?

That’s how parts of this website is setup, by reading each chapter of our website, it’s like reading a book!

This website is designed this way to enable readers to read our work via categories,–kind of like a library of books to read online.

Each set of posts are sorted as a way to reduce clutter, and keep content relevant. That also apply to a premium version of our website.

Can I Use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy If I Am A Creator For the Walt Disney Company?

It’s strongly recommended NOT to use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy when you are a creator who works with Disney! Never use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is you are a creator who supports the Walt Disney Company because, we don’t allow any media companies to run creator monopolies, this is considered corporate greed, and we discourage this practice.

Why Are Your Ebooks Are NOT Sold Via Traditional Online Stores Where Ebooks Are Sold

To help midigate antitrust; our ebooks are always available via public libraries as a way to help cater towards poor communities. Relying on online retailers can be a problem for us as we try to publish our books for our audience to read.

Be aware; our books are DRM-Free, and we heavily rely on distributing our books to libraries via our chosen publishing platform.

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Why Some Of Your Gamebooks Are Branded With “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy” When Downloading A Gamebook From Your Online Store?

This is important to insure you are getting a correct product from us. Gamebooks with our branding indicate we developed this game within our studio, and we currently rely on efforts to provide legitimate reusable gamebooks for our customers.

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Using A Firefox Browser To Access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

Don’t use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers? No problem! You can use Firefox to access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. We are proud if you use this open-source browser to view our content online.

Using a Firefox browser has tracking blocked out of the box, and that also block deceptive ads from tracking you. And you can still enjoy Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and check out new content,–if new content is published,–after our successful cleanup.

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