Why These Posts Are So Long?

This is how we write our content as a way to keep our readers entertained. However; we use this strategy to enable people to read longer content. Although; reading books is good for you, and unlike TV or films, writing text-based content is our way to provide content. Text is king for our website. The greater text on our posts, the better.

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Long Posts Mean More Readers

Imagine if you are reading a long book; books have chapters what you can go to the another part of a film of some sort. If you have a physical book, you can flip pages. You read our posts like a chapter of a book. However; books what you read are important. More kids should read books as an oppose to viewing video content. Physical books are kings. When you read text on paper media, you absorb what you are reading. However, with web content; you absorb less content.

For us, writing long content is our preferred way to gain audience. Also, we usually reach a goal of reaching at least 4000 words per post as we use our typing skills to make content. Like using a typewriter via an old world of producing content. However; we use computers to produce content. Typing up posts is like using paper for a typewriter. Typing on both sides is key to write quality content. Posts don’t use paper at all, it use computer files and databases. If you printed our posts via a print option, you are emulating typed pages. The more pages in a chapter; the longer the story.

If we publish short posts only, stories won’t be interesting.

Longer hours of reading is one way to be entertained without TV running. For some people; they don’t need to have a TV in their living rooms, but shelves of books.

Shorter books can be read faster, but longer books can take more time.

It take hours to produce short books, but it can take days to produce long books… sometimes… it can take months.

Everyday; we produce content efor anyone to view.

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