Why Are Your Text-Adventure Games Have Initial Choices Via A Warp Center?

That applies to The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, NOT Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy!

This is key to insure you are playing these text-based games properly. However; adding odd options enables you to choose what you want to do. This is key to insure you are being targeted towards other relevant games. If you made a strategic choice via a warp center; you can progress into a text-adventure game.

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Why Am I Seeing Ads?

To reduce costs of hosting our website; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy must run ads to reduce the burden of using credit cards. However; we do have an ad-free subscription for only our premium section of our website. Be aware; we use ads to help reduce costs, and make our content free for people who don’t want to subscribe to our website.
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Why Text-Adventure Games Are Being Upgraded With Background Updates?

That applies to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.

We update text-adventure games as a way to enable you to get the best experience. However; our text-based games are designed with accessibility in mind, and we always add accessibility as a way to enable any person who play games to get the best experience. Most of our previous versions of our text-adventure games are replaced with newer versions. However; we always keep our text-adventure games current as a way to help keep up with our players who requested features for our games.

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Create A Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Account

Creating an account with us enables you to leave comments on posts without needing to fill out info each day. That also enables you to subscribe to pre-paid premium content service without ads displayed on our website. This is necessary for you to enjoy our content as we offer new content to read for anyone. Also, you can also post to forums, and update profiles.
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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search Overview

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has a dedicated search site where you can perform searches via a custom search system. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search is just a static website. It used to be a secure site, but due to our budget for our website, we have to keep it as a standard site without SSL, however’ I’m planning on getting it back,–after we fully finished working with my website.

This search site uses a search box, and it display results on the another page.

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