DMCA Policy


Be careful when filing DMCA requests. Misrepresentation of copyright ownership may lead you to serious penalties and fines, or forfeiture of your copyrights altogether. You should ONLY submit DMCA notices to us,–if you are certain about your copyright has been violated.

Any attempt to fraudulently file/submit claims of copyright infringement may result having your account terminated, or criminally liable for damages to anyone else, that is not limited to financial penalties.

Weaponizing the DMCA is strictly prohibited!

We have our DMCA policy put in place to prevent abuse of the DMCA mechanism. We only terminate users who are genuine habitual infringers (with actual proof). However; the DMCA appears to be broken! However; you should be very careful if you own copyrights for your content.

Before You Submit Any DMCA Notices

Before you do anything, here’s what you need to do for the best experience:

Stay Calm

Your money what you made with your intellectual property is NOT going anywhere at this moment. Copyright is NOT about having money the whole time. However; copyright can be renewed,–as long as a creator is alive and well! That also applis to a lifespan of a company. Fair-use deserves to stay put anywhere, NEVER silence fair-use under any way because, you may end up be liable for damages, or worse. Just create new works, and if you want someone to use your work (even if they ask permission/request a license)… just provide licenses properly. A monetary payment is fine, as long as you DON’T use other schemes to deceive other people (including developer of fan games, and other fan content).

If you panic, you are making things worse.

Don’t cry over parodies and satires!

Understand How Traditional Copyright Works

Speak with your lawyer about how copyright laws work, and understand fair-use.

Give Yourself A Break From Creating Something New

Find a public library, and understand why its important to be extra educated about being a creator. Public libraries are essential institutions that enable the poor to check out books and other media without needing to raise a dollar.

If You Are About To Submit A DMCA Notice

Always speak with your lawyer before you submit a notice to us.

Termination of our users who has high addiction of piracy, and other IP theft addiction doesn’t always mean problem solved! To ensure repeat infringers are resolved on our platform, a user requires rehabilitation ASAP with his/her own expense.

Infringing content shall ONLY be removed if a genuine notice is valid. If a notice is invalid, or used a way to bully others on our platform, content will NOT be removed, and you may be liable for monetary damages. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy reserves the right to impose a “BAD DMCA NOTICE surcharge, depending on a severity of a “bad” DMCA notice. Any failure to pay a mandatory surcharge may result to further penalties via your local jurisdiction, or be listed on our database that list entities who misused DMCA systems.

However; any form of extortion, or any form of financial exploitation may result to serious penalties via your local jurisdiction.

Tips For Creators Big/Small

Take the following actions to help prevent copyright infringement/violations if you are a content creator:

Make ALL of your content available via public libraries

Distribute all of your works (old & new) to public libraries via a desired reputable distribution platform. Public libraries play a key role to help mass selling of the following media types containing your work:

  • Books/Ebooks
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • <BDs

  • Digital copies of content like movies, TV shows, games, etc.
  • ROM cartridges
  • Tapes
  • Arcade machines
  • Gaming consoles
  • Streaming content

  • And more…
  • Hoopla, Kanopy, and other library vendors are available.

    If you have games, or any content that are exclusive to specific platforms, don’t just rely on this “easy money” schemes.

    If anyone request a license for reuse of your work:

    Unlock that prison, and listen up! Don’t be silent like a koala in a tree chewing on leaves in Austrailia. If you are charging money for a license; use common sense.

    Create interesting and unique content.

    Let inspirations fly!

    Be inspired by by other folks.

    Don’t be selfish!

    Help others who are creating new content

    Use common sense when you help others.