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Using A Firefox Browser To Access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

Don’t use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers? No problem! You can use Firefox to access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. We are proud if you use this open-source browser to view our content online.

Using a Firefox browser has tracking blocked out of the box, and that also block deceptive ads from tracking you. And you can still enjoy Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and check out new content,–if new content is published,–after our successful cleanup.

Why You Should Use Firefox?

It’s an open-source browser… and it comes with privacy features out of a box. Whether if you were blocking annoying ads, or trackers who were invading your privacy. It can work with other screen-readers. It performs like most browsers, but it uses less energy. Other browsers such as: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers use more energy on your computer, or mobile device. For this instance; you are watching your favorite clip on our website, orr displaying native ads that don’t use a traditional ad network, but directly advertised by advertisers who wanted to directly place ads on our website.

You can learn more about FireFox by visiting their website.

If you were using a desktop computer:

Just download this browser what we’ve mentioned, and use it like usual. If you have data on a different browser; transfer it. It’s strongly recommended to have an account with them as a way to sync your data with ease. If you have a Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Account, or any other related accounts with us, be sure to update your credentials as you migrate to this browser.

If you have a mobile device

Use a conventional or a “De-Googled” device and install an app from a chosen source what you’ve trust.

You may need to connect to your account to sync your data.


If you use a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, it’s already packaged with FireFox installed. There’s no further action necessary when starting up a browser for the first time, but set it up with your liking.

When you use Firefox, and read content on our website; you can just do normal things with other browsers what you are used to earlier.