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Copyright/Other Intellectual Rights

Wait A Minute!!!

Our copyright system is broken! Do you know some people are misusing copyright, and other intellectual laws? Copyfraud is on the rise. Some copyright-owners are laundering copyright like crazy. Maybe big companies were involved in bribery, or any other corporate crime. DMCA sucks all right, but please don’t infringe someone else’s copyright, although fair-use is dangerous at this time because, copyright-owners are silencing people like crazy. We will NOT tolerate any copyright misuse schemes. If we discovered any repeat copyfraudsters who were involved; we’ll terminate these users who were involved in these deceptive schemes.

In order to be safe; always create your own content, and check Creative Commons licenses carefully, and speak to a content-owner before reusing. Asking for permission might be risky at this time. Some copyright-owners can fraudulently steal your credit/debit card information, and other sensitive information. Even copyright-owners can be scammers too! If you accidentally displayed, reused, or copied someone else’s content, your post, page, widget, or theme must be edited, or cleared immediately.

Avoid infringing someone’s else’s intellectual rights, such as trademarks, service-marks, patent…. however our patent system around the world,–especially the USA appears to be broken, but don’t infringe anyone’s trade-secret. Well trade-secret protected material is subject to be defective by design. We know some meat industries are misusing the trade-secret laws. We don’t believe in relying on trade-secret to our creation because, we prefer to go open-source. However; you still need to respect anyone’s publicity, privacy, and other rights.


Spam come in many types. Don’t leave spam comments on anybody’s blogs for the purpose to promote your products, and gain revenue. Instead use the advertising system instead. GPT (Get Paid Too), PTC, PTS content is not welcomed on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

Misuse of our ‘Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’ Logo

Avoid misusing our logo. Since our title of our blog ‘Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is NOT trademarked in any other way, the term ‘Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’ isn’t trademarkable; we kept our platform title trademark-free. But if you’re publishing a parody, or criticising our platform; let them know your site is NOT afilliated with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Avoid using our domain name to spoof customers who were trying to visit’ owned by Aaron Johnson under any other circumstances. Domain hijacking is bad for our society. Why do we enforce our logo/brand because, we don’t want any bad guys to lure our users to other sites that are fake, Typosquatting is done by many badguys someplace around the world. Many domain-owners has taken actions to prevent their domains from being infected with typosquatters from causing lots of trouble. You can let them know by using the code below this paragraph.

Copy the code below, and paste it into your HTML code of your site/blog.

If you suspected misuse of our logo on other sites, email headers, or someplace else; report it to us immediately.