Acceptable Use Policy

Regulated or Prohibited Goods/Services

Don’t use our platform to promote/sell regulated goods/services that are regulated and prohibited by our government, or local laws around the world. Such as the following via the list below:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Sales of rabbit meat, mouse-traps, rat-traps, ivory, guns, firearms, and controlled-substances.
  • Sex Services
  • Gambling
  • Counterfeiting currency, or any other financial instruments.
  • Sales of fireworks, and other explosives
  • Sales of leather belts, paddles, wooden sticks, whips, canes, used large metal kitchen spoons, or any other objects for the purpose of spanking children, or anyone.
  • Cash-gifting, Get Rich Quick, Pyramid-Schemes, Ponzi-Schemes, or Make Money Fast.
  • Production, distribution, sale, trafficking of animal ‘crush fettish’ videos, images, TV shows, movies, or any other pornographic crush fettish videos.
  • Sales or auction of sex slaves
  • Distribution of revenge porn