Acceptable Use Policy

Content that promotes spanking children, or anyone

Never EVER use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to publish content that promotes spanking of children, adults, pets, babies, prisoners, students, workers, co-workers, bloggers, journalists, farmers, activists, or anyone. Any blog that promotes this category is subject to deletion, and it will be reported to authorities.

Blogs that promotes flogging of anyone is also prohibited.

Don’t Allow to Promote Spanking of Children… What Do You Mean? Why NOT!?

What we just mentioned above; children or anyone should be protected against violence at all costs. Children need protection. We will NOT spank a child for any other reason. If you want to be wise about spanking… Don’t DO IT! We had a dedicated blog,–where we put together articles and other content that will help our society put an END to spanking,–for good.

Harm to others/Suicide

Never do harm to others, or posts thoughts of suicide. Suicidal thoughts is bad reputation, we are currently implementing countermeasures to prevent suicidal blogs from appearing on our platform. Never the less, never EVER post death threats to anyone under any circumstances. If you found one, be sure to contact your local law enforcement, and contact us for further assistance.

Why Suicidal Thoughts Is NOT Allowed On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

One simple advice: Stay alive!! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is currently implementing countermeasures to prevent suicidal thoughts from being posted on our site. For example; removing content that contains a suicidal message.

Why Bullying Is NOT Allowed?

Bullying anyone is considered a bad activity. Content that promotes bullying anyone is NOT allowed on our site. However; we do support anti-bullying to stop bullying at all costs. Even family members can be end up becoming bullies, but we discourage bullying on our site.