Policies Against Terrorism

Animal bombs

This is the known form of animal cruelty happening via terrorism. These terrorists has been doing this recently. These terrorists has been purchasing animals for the purpose of blowing things up. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy doesn’t support this act of terrorism. No animal should be used for bombing.

How do we know about this issue?

We stumbled upon a petition published on ForceChange. Animals used for bombing has been trending in Iraq. ISIS terrorists were the known terrorists who invented a cruel way to bomb our society.

Via this video above; this is one example of an Austrailian man who communicated with an English man who were plotting an animal bomb that is designd to take out the police. At this case, a kangaroo was being used, but this attempt has failed. Both of these guys has faced a life behind bars after trial. That teaches them a lesson why you should NEVER bomb your country where you live in, or join any terrorist group who is designated by international governments around the world.

Okay, if you never heard of these terrorist using animals as suicide bommers… this is a nightmare if you own a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, cow, sheep, goat, or even a rat. These Islamic terrorists has been involved in animal cruelty for years.