Policies Against Terrorism

Posting of beheadings of any individual of any kind

This is one act of terrorism what is happening currently around the world. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has no place for these kind of content posted by terrorists.

Beheading anyone in a religious group is a crime. For this instance… a Muslim terrorist has been involved in beheading Christians in some Islamic territories, or other countries. Since this is a hate crime, you can go to prison for murder of any person. Let someone believe in something different. Non-believers of a certain religion or culture don’t deserve to be killed under any circumstances.

This is the known form of terrorism happening in some western countries what we live in today.

Why this is a problem?

Islam is NOT immuned to modern laws around the world. If you killed someone; you will be end up in prison for life, or executed. The Quran doesn’t make you immuned to prison time, prosecution, conviction, arrests, or any legal consequences. If you don’t have anything nice to do with anyone; don’t do anything at all!