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Wondering if you can contact the owner of this website? You’re at the right page, and links are available to navigate to webpages with built-in forms to fill out. Whether if you have questions about this website, or you want to report issues, we have these forms available via the list below:


  • Email Us – Use this form to send us general email. Whether you have questions about this platform, or our content, etc.
  • Get Help With Reusing Our Fictional Characters – Questions NOT listed on our FAQ page and you still need help? Use this form to send your requests. Be aware our fictional characters via our library of reusable fictional characters are licensed under a Creative Commons license for ease of reuse.
  • Report An Issue – Report problems with our content what we published on our platform, or issues with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself, etc.
  • Content Donation – Got ebooks free of copyright, or you are freeing your fictional characters from being used with your content, or you are want Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to reuse work what you’ve donated because, your work is no longer copyrighted? You can use this form here, but be careful when donating content. To protect our independence; we’re never going to trademark our creative works under any way. To be safe, always check with your legal professional before you do so.
  • Feature Requests – Got a feature to request? Use this form to send us feature requests. If you wanted our website to have public feature requests, please use our forums.
  • Whitelist Request – Use this form to request your sponsored content to be whitelisted (intended for advertisers).