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Welcome to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy! A website where you can read stories that you can imagine. Within Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, there’s a built-in blogging platform, social network, and a free support center.

These following terms is part of this agreement/contract with the owner of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Before you use this website; please read these terms carefully,–before you ever use this website. If you accepted these terms… continue on using this website. If not… feel free to fly away. You can always check back for updates to these terms below.

General Info

Aaron Johnson… the owner of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy” operates/administers fairiesdreamsfantasy.com, and other subsites. This website provides informational/entertaining/educational content for anyone of all ages. This is not limited to fictional stories, news, wiki content, and support articles. We try our best to update content as we can. All content appears on this site as is.

Users on this site who have user accounts are members of this website. Signups are always free, and there’s no paywalls ever!

What Age is Required to sign up for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

A: This website is designed for individuals at least 13 years old. If you’re under 13 years old; always grab a grownup before you use this website. Signing up while you’re under 13 years of age without your parent/guardian’s permission is NOT recommended. However;you can still view content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy without an account

Your Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Account

Q: What Responsibilities Should I Consider When Using My Account?

A: By registering for an account; you have responsibility of securing your account,–along with choosing a user-name. You must choose a user name that is not trademarked by any individual/corporation/third parties. If you’ve suspected your account is stolen, or hacked; please Contact Fairies Dreams & Fantasy immediately for help. It’s always a good idea to create strong passwords when creating an account.

Do You Allow Sex Offenders, Child Abusers, or Terrorists On Your Website?

A: You will NOT use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy if you were a sex offender, child abuser, terrorist, a member of a terrorist group of any kind, a murderer, a rapist, a sex trafficker, a human trafficker, or even a pedophile.

Q: What’s Your Policy For My Content And Website?

A: Fairies Dreams & Fantasy doesn’t retain any copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property rights when publishing your website/blog. By publishing content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; you give us permission to display content across Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself. Each site is owned by a user. You keep all of your rights. Say if you launched a blog about your book what you’re writing; you keep all of your rights of your content. That applies to dedicated websites,–not a shared-blog.

Q: What Do You Mean?

A: You are the owner of your own content what you post on your website… For example, you started your website with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy… and you write stories what you created from your imagination. Your site/blog is placed on a subdomain or path of this website. You retain all of your rights of your content,–not us.

Q: Are there any policies for user-generated content?

A: Users shall not participate in these following activities. The following table below lists the following activities prohibited on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,–along with a reason section.

Users Shall Not: Reason
Upload, email, transmit, post, publish pornographic, sexual, nude, or other adult content that is designed to attract children under 18 or 21 years of age. Not limited to advertising mature content that is not suitable for children/work. Pornography, sexual content with images; text; or other material is not suitable for children because, this type of content should not be published on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. This is NOT an erotica-hosting site. For example; a Fairies Dreams & Fantasy site with pornographic content publish for the purpose of attracting children. This is NOT epic because there’s laws that require mature content owners to place an intersticial page on their front page to keep children away from adult content.
Upload, transmit, post, publish content that infringes anyone’s copyright, trademark, trade-secret, publicity, privacy, or any other intellectual rights. Users should avoid participating in this scheme. However;fair-use is welcomed. You should always ask the content-owners permission before posting on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.
Upload, transmit, post, publish material that is designed to infect computers, servers, networks, devices, or any electronic instrument with viruses, worms, trojan horses, rogues, backdoors, scareware, unwanted downloads, trojan downloaders, trojan dialers, trojan droppers, or any type of malware. Malware can hurt your computer, or device. In some cases; you’ll be liable for damages. That can result you being end up behind bars.
Distribute spam, chain letters, unsolicited advertising, unpaid advertising, unpaid sponsorships, unsolicited email, unsolicited copyright notices, unsolicited trademark notices, unsolicited trade-secret notices, bulk email spam, or any other unsolicited email spam. Spam can take many forms. You should avoid participating in this scheme. That can cause Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to lose it’s valueable resources.
Use any robot, botnet, or other automated methods to access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to artificially inflate clicks, impressions, views of any content displayed on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Not limited to posting comments, publishing new post, ads, or any content. Use any scraper to scrape Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s content for the purpose of generating revenue. Organic views on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,–if initialized by a visitor or user who is only interested in reading content, or publishing content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Scraping content for the purpose of generating revenue can lead your site to become a scraper site. Never the less… scraping someone’s content on someone’s website can also violate copyright, or any other rights.
Defraud anyone’s copyright (copyfraud), trademark, publicity, trade-secret, patent, or any other intellectual property rights to any content found on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,–not limited to user-generated content as your own property. Not limited to this site itself,–and other sites. Use any form of copyrighting/trademarking/patenting schemes to defraud public domain content, user-generated content, software, audio, images, video, or any other content types for the purpose of gaining advertising/membership revenue. Copyfraud is serious! If you were involved in this scheme,–not limited to fraudulently claiming intellectual property rights to anyone’s content can lead to jail time, fines, or any other liabilities.
Use any data-mining software to harvest email, user names, account credentials, databases, or any account data to defraud others, or inpersonate anyone. It’s illegal to steal user data from servers because, users’ data is protected by major privacy laws around the world.
Use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to upload, transmit, post, publish, and distribute content that instructs anyone to terrorize a city, country, state, continent, or environment. Not limited to posting content that encourage terrorism:

  • Sites that are designed to provide material to terrorists around the world
  • Sites that encourage Islamic terrorism
Terrorism is a serious crime. You’ll be in prison for the rest of your life. For a fictional example; Ahmed has been convicted of providing material to Islamic terrorists to bomb a large hospital that support women’s rights. He’s also a flight risk to the flight system. He was also convicted of attempted murder, and fraud. He was sentenced to 44 years to life behind bars in an american prison that floats. He was extradited from the UK,–a current hiding place where he was hiding from the police, avading capture.
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Links to Third Party Websites

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy may contain links to third party websites, the links provided on this entire website are designed for references/informational use. this site is not affiliated with these links. No endorsement with these links to third party websites. If you were following these links… you were following them with your own risk. We have no control of these sites behind these links.


Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has the right to post ads across Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,–unless you’ve installed an ad-blocking extension on your browser. We are NOT responsible for any advertising content displayed on this site. These ads are posted by advertisers via third party ad networks. All advertising content go to advertisers who own advertising content, such as images; text,audio,games, books, and more. We are NOT afilliated with any of these advertisers in any other way, unless otherwised noted.


Fairies Dreams & Fantasy… at anytime can terminate your account if you were a sex offender who is involved in publishing content that sexually harms/abuse/rape any child, women, or any individual, a rapist, an Islamic terrorist, a suicide bommer, a jihadist, a repeat copyfraudster, or any fraudster who is involved in intellectual property fraud schemes. Repeat fraudsters shall NOT establish a new account by using a different entity, or any other name that is built to defraud identity of any individual/corporation. Or if you were registered as a shell corporation,–or you’ve violated any policies on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

Termination for Copyfraudsters

Your copyrights will be forfeited,–depending on a court-order, or automatic forfiture of your published posts, pages, images, videos, audio, downloadables, or any content. Copyfraudsters are NOT ellagible for reinstatement of their accounts. All intellectual property fraudsters are issued with a state-of-the-art 6-stage 3-strikes per stage notice.

Termination for other users

You can cancel your account at anytime. It’s always a good idea to backup your data on a regular basis. That way if you believed your account is frozen in error; contact the owner of this site immediately. Sometimes, webmasters make mistakes. What’s mentioned above the webmaster may fairly terminate your account at anytime. What does it mean if your account is “fairly terminated”… your account is removed from Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

Disclaimer of Warranties

No warranties will be guaranteed… Content that is displayed on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy are presented to you as is. Whether if content on this site is updated or NOT,–accurate, free of typographical errors, incorrect grammar, broken, choppy, etc.

Governing Law

These terms shall be governed by the United States of America, these terms will be also be governed by the state of Kansas.

Limitations of Liabilities

Aaron Johnson… the owner of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NOT be liable for any damages, data loss, content posted by other users, misleading advertising, embedded media, or any unauthorized access to your user account,–NOR be liable for any content displayed on this site.

Hold Harmless

you agree to protect, administrators, operators, employees,or anyone who operate this site from harm. And you agree to be harmless to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding these terms, please email us by using a dedicated contact form located on our front site.