Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search Overview

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has a dedicated search site where you can perform searches via a custom search system. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search is just a static website. It used to be a secure site, but due to our budget for our website, we have to keep it as a standard site without SSL, however’ I’m planning on getting it back,–after we fully finished working with my website.

This search site uses a search box, and it display results on the another page.

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Reading Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Content

All content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is free to read. However; you might need to check if your browser is up to date. And you might also check if your monitor can easily display content. If you want to jump to a category on this site, you can either perform a search, brows the sitemap, or look for any categories displayed on the bottom of each post.

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Why Can’t I Comment?

When leaving comments on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; cookies are required to post comments. Or in some cases, comments may be disabled on any posts published on this website. To leave comments; you must provide your name, email, and an optional website URL to leave comments. Sometimes, your comments may be held to keep this site safe. That means, your comment will not be published to this site,–until it’s fully approved The reason why all comments might be held is the following:.

  • It contains objectionable content that may be infected with foul words.
  • It could be a spam comment.
  • Your comment may be misleading. And it’s not relevant to certain content.
  • Your comment is linked to spam websites.
  • Your comment may contain broken links. For example; a page that doesn’t exist.
  • Links that lead to adult sites.
  • Links to websites that distribute unauthorized content that is copyrighted.
  • Comments with unsolicited advertising for the purpose of gaining revenue.
  • Comments that are built to bully anyone.
  • Spank threats that are illegal.
  • Facilitate schemes to defraud anyone’s copyright, or other intellectual rights to their content.
  • Comments that are built to submit chain letters.
  • Comments with MLM schemes, pyramid schemes, or other fraudulent investment schemes.
  • Comments that are built to facilitate terrorism, and plans to bomb any location.

Sometimes; your system administrator has blocked certain cookies from your browser to prevent malware, or spying ads from tracking your move online. Check with your administrator for assistance. If you can contact your administrators; ask them to whitelist this site. Or use your own computer with your own internet connection to go.

Any comments with disposible email addresses will NOT be accepted at this time,–due to high levels of spam.

Your internet connection isn’t fast enough! Try finding a different ISP that is fast enough. Or in some cases; your browser is outdated, and it needs to be updated. You can try a different browser to check if the comments area is appearing like it should. If it appears, most likely your other browser is not capable to output these fields for leaving comments. However; if you believed your internet connection is causing this problem you can do any of the following:

  • You can go to your wireless router and reset it with manufacturer’s instructions. Wait for your router to reboot. Update it,–if necessary.
  • Check if your ethernet cables are working properly. You can observe the flashing lights to determine if these cables are functioning correctly. If the cords are not functioning right; most likely these cables are either defective, or damaged,–and they need to be replaced. If you live in an area where is susceptible to rodents; a rodentproof cable set is needed, or a cage system that will house the cables.
  • Check with your ISP to determine if your internet connection is functioning correctly. If your ISP suggests you to get your router repaired. Enable the technician to install a new router,–if the router is damaged by lightning strikes, or power failures.
  • Your electrical system in your home need repairs.
  • Your Internet provider has gone bankrupt, and you need to move to a different provider.

Sometimes, you can encounter problems with your computer itself. Or your memory in your computer needs to be replaced. Never the less; if you believe your HDD is doing this problem, most likely your disk is failing:

  • You can fix this problem by checking your drive for errors on your machine.
  • Change the data/power cable.
  • Cleaning out the case of your computer.
  • Or replace the HDD altogether.

If you believe you’re low in memory; follow these instructions:

  1. Power off your computer or device.
  2. Open your computer case, and locate the memory units.
  3. Replace them with a larger capacity units.
  4. Clean out your case.
  5. Close up your computer case.
  6. Restart your computer, and revisit this website, and confirm your browser is working like it should. 8 GB memory is powerful enough than conventional low memory computers. Your memory is the faster unit in your computer. The more memory you have, the faster your machine will run.

Common problems when leaving comments on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (applies to all sites) is your comment not being submitted properly, taking a long time to submit, or not submitting at all.

Mandatory fields may be blank.

If for some reason if you have trouble leaving comments,–after you checked if you were getting enough speed from your networking hardware. Most likely you had a bad connection, or in some cases, your computer has blocked java-script, or your machine is infected with malware. If you believe your machine is infected; follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Activate your anti-virus software of choice, and run a full scan.
  3. Either remove the potential threat manually, or automatically,–depending on your prefered anti-virus program.
  4. Restart your computer again.
  5. Remove unwanted programs from your machine.
  6. Revisit this website to confirm if the comments area is appearing like normal.
  7. Again, clearing bad cookies and cache will help your browser free up space. You can try adjusting your browser settings to allow cookies. If you still can’t get your cookies to work. Your browser has been hijacked with malware, and a security flaw needs to be reported to developers who written a browser.

    If you were using a PC that is susceptible to endless malware attacks; try using a different computer with an open-source operating-system.

Sometimes I See Your Content… And Sometimes I Don’t… What’s Going On?

You may need to adjust your display on your computer. Since Fairies Dreams & Fantasy uses light on dark color scheme; bright text enables you to read what’s actually on your screen. Depending on what monitor type you have, there’s ways to get your display set for reading content on this site.

For CRT Monitor Users

Check with the manual that goes with your monitor. You can adjust the brightness of your screen. Adjusting the brightness on your monitor can help you see the text on a dark background.

If you can see what’s on your screen; and your problem goes away; you are done fixing your problem. If not… you might need to adjust your sharpness level, and your contrast level. High contrast setting for your monitor is strongly recommended to easily see content on this website… if you chosen to raise the sharpness level for some reason; be sure to adjust your brightness again. If the problem goes away, the issue has been resolved.

For LCD Monitor Users

Most LCD monitors use LCD panels with backlights to light up your screen. Due to it’s design; your screen may consume more power when visiting this website. You can still adjust your contrast levels, and the brightness level to condition your screen to use this color scheme. You need to experiment with your screen to varify if you can see the contents on this website.

Glare, and bright light can prevent you from seeing what’s on your screen. Try using the screen at the dark areas of your home/apartment.

For LED Monitor Users

LEDs are lights that can be used for monitors. You can establish seeing content on this site by adjusting your settings on your monitor itself. Brightening the screen, and raising the contrast can help you see what’s being displayed on your screen. If you can see it… your screen is strong enough to output data.

Again… try going to the dark areas of your home to see what’s on your screen.


If you can’t see colors, you might need a special monitor to adjust colors on your screen, or use a screen-reader (recommended). For the best results; use an open-source screen-reader, or a OS dedicated screen-reader on your computer that support reading online content.

Desktop backgrounds may prevent you from viewing content

Try adjusting your desktop theme/background to minimize glare around your browser. You can also maximize your browser to full screen. That works the best for viewing content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

If you were using a big TV of any kind; you can still see content on this site. Be sure to check these minimum requirements on your machine:

  • VGA card – I support use of this device because, all content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy are DRM-Free.
  • Analog audio output – This requirement is strongly recommended.

Any size monitor will do.

If you were using a computer that is managed by a business, or any organization… contact your administrator for help.

I’m in a dark room, but I still can’t see your content. What’s going on?

Your backlight is defective, or Your CRT monitor has some issues. If it’s a CRT monitor; you may need to have it repaired by a technician. If it’s an LCD monitor; the backlight needs to be replaced. Or your screen is damaged, or worn out, and it needs to be replaced.

Try adjusting the brightness on your monitor,–depending on your device you can find a controller to adjust your screen.

If overheating is your concern, you can try using a fan system to keep your monitor from overheating. Or ask your technician to install it for you. Heat from a CRT monitor can damage the CRT itself, and cause it to fail.

If you were using a projector

You can adjust the focus, and test your projector to varify if you can see what’s on a big screen. You might need to experiment with your machine to confirm if you can see content displayed on this website.

If you were located in an area where is susceptible to glare from any light source; a visor is needed to block the glare. Alternatively; you can use the shade for your place to keep the glare out. Opt for the dark shade that will protect the insides of your home from the light.

Why Some of Your Posts Updating?

This is a known issue with my content,–after moving from a previous blogging platform. I’m currently editing my posts to clean up all of the mistakes, and fix common issues with my content. In a meantime… these posts will be updated, and they’ll be ready to be viewed by visitors on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

Sometimes, I have to update these posts to do any of the following:

  • Edit the storyline of these posts that are written like a book: Some posts what I’ve written since long time ago were old, and they needed revision to fully update them with all of these fixes that are built to rework the storyline of the post itself.
  • Update information to keep it current.
  • Review any of these outdated posts, and update them to edit all elements of each post.
  • Remove unnecessary content, and fix formatting errors.

These updates are effecting content displayed on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself, the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy News, and more. Don’t panic! This is normal for this site to be updated.

Sometimes, I discovered your content being updated, but I missed an update.

You might need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and refresh your browser to view updated content on my site. Due to the high post volume; I’m aren’t able to update posts in clusters at the same time.

Some people has discovered storylines are too fast, and the story is kind of sloppy, and these posts need serious editing: Most likely, these are the posts what I’ve editing to revise them to fix possible sloppy storylines that are left behind. Maybe I must’ve forgotten about them… But I’m reviewing them. Thanks for your patience!

Some people were experiencing issues reading entertaining content found on my site. That applies to fictional stories, wiki content, news content, tutorials, and more: This is an issue what some people still experiencing. In the meantime; these issues will be resolved as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy grows, and evolves.

Some visitors has trouble understanding some content what I’ve written in the past,–imported from my previous website what I’ve moved from: What I’ve mentioned earlier… this is the same issue.

Visitors has experienced some grammar issues found everywhere on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. This applies to all content on this site: this is the known issue.

Your content is getting better, but some of it doesn’t make sense… what’s happening?

Don’t panic! Editing is in progress, and it may take some time. These edits are live, you may send feedback to me, if you have any questions about these fixes, and changes to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

Watch Out For Copyfraudsters!

Copyfraud is a fraudulent copyright scheme that is caused by many copyfraudsters who were involved in fraudulently claiming copyright on anyone’s work. For example; you wrote your own movie, and you’ve published it as open-source… so the general public can reuse it,–if they wish. You’ve made some money with your creative movie with other creators who were reputable. If you have advertising that starts before your movie, the advertisement that is financed by a company is placed before your movie is set by you,–depending on your ad preference is a paid placement portal what advertisers purchase to run their advertisement. If users were watching your movie that is free without any paywalls. The money flows from the user, to the product that is featured on the ad, and the money flows towards you who self-hosted your ads. This is organic advertising for reputable creators. Overtime; you manage your expenses for your site, or your equipment.

Although; on the next day, you discovered a copyright notice that is fraudulent. You didn’t infringe on anybody’s copyright; you created your movie yourself. Most likely this claim is a fake!! These companies were trying to EXTORT money, and intellectual property from you. This new kind of extortion has been flooding our internet around the world.

Our corrupted copyright system around the world has been putting legitimate creators at risk, greedy corporations used malicious copyright-claiming services to defraud our public domain collections. The Walt Disney Company is the known corporation who’ve poached out our public domain content,–lobbying for malicious copyright extension terms. Other greedy companies has been involved in silencing fair-use for the past years. However; they’re too big to jail, to big to fail. Having lots of money to create new content everyday doesn’t enable viewers to view content, but only the viewers who were interested to see your movie, or show can view it. Never the less, having lots of money, and being a big company doesn’t make you immune from the copyright law,–especially if your company is notable, famous, iconic, attractive, etc. You have to get used to anyone who do fair-use of your content, such as the following:

  • Commentary
  • Criticism
  • Parody
  • News Reporting

Again… companies are NOT immuned to copyright laws. But no company is punished for copyfraud, if this is the case; let’s write a little story that is fictional,–so you can understand why you should NOT claim someone’s work under any circumstances:

Say if you were a corporation who writes lots of content, and publish it around the world. You have lots of creators who claimed they loved their viewers because, your company made premium movies. But your competitor who is an individual that is a reputable content publisher who schedules new content to be published during each season, or month,–or a year. She advertises her new work with reputable ad networks who care about their advertisers, and publishers. She has her first customer watching her open-source movie with open-source music,–supplied by reputable suppliers who care about creating open-source materials for the general public around the world.

Somehow; you’re were angry because, your work has been used without your permission, but the individual didn’t use your work at all. You filed a fraudulent copyright complaint that is misleading. This form of misrepresentation has been flooding courts around the USA, and other countries. However; the individual has reported your copyright claim as fraudulent, and she continues with her projects,–after she disputed the claim. You’ve repeated these fraudulent claims. However; that lead to the FBI, the IRS, or even both knocking at your company’s door. Your creators who were involved in extorting money from the individual were end up having their property confiscated forever. You’ve been questioned by the FBI because, you were involved in extorting money from the lady who is the reputable creator who is the leader of the movie-hosting site what she launched. But her free video-hosting account has been restored,–after a wrongful account termination caused by wrongful copyright claims that sound TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! You hogged lots of money in your company’s bank account, and you didn’t even retract your claim at all.

The FBI has discovered lots of discs containing music, and movies what you’ve fraudulently copyrighted as yours, and your creator’s work. You’re still being questioned,–while the victim gets help from the reputable law firms, lawyers, or other reputable sources. She allows the team to gather data to be used as evidence for her upcoming case. You’ve attempted to cover up your act, but your plans has been backfired.

The FBI agents arrest you, and direct you to their police truck for criminal copyfraud, conspiracy to commit copyfraud, extortion,wire fraud, bribery, IP fraud, conspiracy to commit IP fraud, trademark fraud, conspiracy to commit trademark fraud, money-laundering, and defrauding the public domain, forgery, forging copyright notices for the purpose of defrauding, and internet fraud. You were being hauled off to jail. That’s right!! Copyfraudsters belong in jail, not online.

The victim receives her money back, and the free video-hosting site is order to owe the victim $250,00 per fraudulently stolen work, plus $350,000 per recovered work. The copyfraudsters who were involved in this unlawful scheme should owe the victim hundreds of dollars per month. Some of these bad guys has their wages garnished, tax refunds intercepted, liens placed against their property, such as their business buildings, servers, their homes, their cars, and their content too. But these effects won’t take effect,–after a judgement in court.

These copyfraudsters were put on trial, and evidence is displayed. The judge does his task, but these unlawful trolls were angry because, they wanted their company back, you’re also on trial. You’ve explained what happened to the judge. But you didn’t know copyfraud is illegal. Fraud is fraud, Copyfraud is the another kind of fraud. You had lots of vague excuses. You were arguing with the judge, causing you to launch a fight with other trolls.

However, you’re restrained to the chair, and you were about to enter the verdict. You starting to shout, and yell with your words,–demanding the judge to implement a retrial, claiming an unfair trial, but your plan failed. You are guilty of copyfraud, internet fraud, money-laundering, wire fraud, conspiracy, extortion, bribery, purgery, and more. You’ve been sentenced to pay a fine up to $999,000,000,000 per charge; this charge is permanent … it can stay in your records for life., but that applies to copyfraud, conspiracy to commit copyfraud, trademark fraud, IP fraud,, and copyright-laundering. You will also face 9 years of community service, business license revocation for 10 years, pay restitution of 999,000,000,000 per copyfraud victim; and 22 years in federal prison, 4 years probation, 33 years of being banned from owning any copyright, trademark, trade-secret, patent, or any other intellectual property rights, limited copyright privileges for newly created work, lifetime forfiture of copyright ownership of materials old and recent (not set for newly created work,–based on any circumstances, and year created. Does NOT apply to newly created work after sentencing.); forfiture of trademark ownership, forfiture of patent ownership; forfiture of copy-protection services online and offline; and forfiture of TV channel ownership. You’about to feel sad. And the victim is about to win. You were been struck by 99 out of 99 guilty verdicts. This is pretty scary!

Your sentence is set,–after an initial sanctions has been placed against you. You have to spend years being banned from owning any intellectual property rights of your content. You’ve also have to spend time behind bars. Since you were susceptible to harsh fights,–started by inmates, you need to be settled at some prison.

You spent about a year in prison, but good behavior in prison can reduce a sentence,–depending on the judge’s decision in court. Well, you didn’t participate in any unlawful activity. You just sit in your cell, and go to work someplace. You were busy writing your journal. Your restricted copyright privileges has kept you from owning copyright to newly created content. But you can license it for reuse only, even commercially! Well that’s the only sentence you’ve have to prevent you from owning restricted copyright on your material. Some inmates has mentioned a story about a victim who won the case of copyfraud. You refused to go to the exercise yard.

However; you were released early… you lost all of your material what you’ve previously copyrighted, you have to reboot from scratch, and you can’t get your business back, but your website has been shut down. And you’re also prohibited from owning copyright for life. Well, that’s just a start of probation, any violation may result to permanent ban of owning copyright for life.

The lesson that you’ve learned from this story is never commit copyfraud. Share and reuse this help article if you agree if copyfraudsters belong in jail, not online.

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Site Overview

Everywhere you go on my website… you can see posts what I write as a book, wiki, or any content what I create from scratch. All content is updated, edited and published by me.

You can always tell if I created my work,–by finding my profile picture. I can write entertaining stories what I think up from scratch. Although; there’s NO signups necessary on my site to read, and comment.

As you land on fairiesdreamsfantasy.com/, you can see my homepage,–where I place a welcome message. Currently; I’m still constructing my homepage, so it can be attractive. Although; most of these categories on my site is used to divide my content, and most tags were used to match relevant keywords.

My website is sort of like a legacy DOS screen, but it relies on a light text on a dark background. That makes it possible for some CRT monitor users to reduce power. This site is text-based, and screen-readers can read content without effort. You can try it out, and see if your screen-reader can read my content.

Front Site fairiesdreamsfantasy.com

That’s my home site where I write stories. Not limited to a story about Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself. This front site is currently being cleaned up,–after I moved from Blogger. Sometimes I have to make sure my content what I’m writing is open-source as possible! See these Creative Commons Licenses below each post what I write on my front site? Whenever I published something new, and a CC license is implemented; that allows anyone to reuse my content safely.

Wondering about my website? Long ago,–during the time when I was using blogger.com, I started my project, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. I developed my own characters; places, and my own style of my blog. It’s pretty small when I first started it. I’ve learned to use HTML to write my posts that were long enough for anyone to read longer,–just like reading books! My goal is to write a big blog as I can,–just like most bloggers.

Due to Blogger’s limitations; there’s no way to implement my own forums, self-hosted ad slots to sell my own ads, and their visual HTML editor is not suitable for everyday use. For this reason. I started to choose a web-hosting provider that doesn’t pollute our environment. And that’s when we started moving all of our posts to our new site as a new home.

My Wiki

I started building my wiki for my characters, books, and other content what I create myself. I need to build this wiki. That way; if someone who wants to reuse my characters for their open-source only projects. They can link back to me. That’s very important for safety of my work.

Whenever I author a new book, or a new post on my site, I always keep it open-source as possible. Unlike most creators who don’t go open-source, I always take extreme caution when blogging, and creating sites.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar is an important feature that enables you to navigate my website to go anywhere. For example; you wanted to go to the sitemap to jump to the category that you’re interested in. Say if you are jumping to a category, Fun Reads, you can find all of these posts that are fun to read for anyone of all ages. This sitemap never stops updating! Almost every 2 days, a post is created, but this site is currently slow, but speeding up my publishing efforts. I always try my best to publish entertaining content.

Almost all of my subsites has a navigation bar to jump to any site you wished to go to. But each site is unique,–so you can know where you’re actually going.! Each site has an about page, so you learn more about each subsite.

Post Index Page

That’s the place where all posts were displayed. Not just the posts were displaying; the sidebar widgets were also displaying too. These widgets were used for other uses on this site.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support

This is a support site where you can read support articles that focuses on help topics, tutorials, troubleshooting, and request support via email. This website itself used to be part of a main multisite via fairiesdreamsfantasy.com itself; now it relies on a dedicated install of WordPress. This is necessary to help this support website get it’s own dedicated location to expand. Each site via each directory displays a different thing.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium

This is a premium version of this website without ads or less ads.

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Store

This is my online store where I sell digital products.