Why Are Your Ebooks Are NOT Sold Via Traditional Online Stores Where Ebooks Are Sold

To help midigate antitrust; our ebooks are always available via public libraries as a way to help cater towards poor communities. Relying on online retailers can be a problem for us as we try to publish our books for our audience to read.

Be aware; our books are DRM-Free, and we heavily rely on distributing our books to libraries via our chosen publishing platform.


  1. Overview


Our ebooks are NOT distributed to libraries right away, you may need to request your librarian to purchase a copy of our ebook via information provided. Such as an author’s name, publishers’s name, ISBN, year of copyright, etc.

Be aware; we rely on Creative Commons licenses for our content of our ebooks, and we create our work from scratch (from scratch). If you want to learn more about Creative Commons, click here to learn more.

Each ebook has a revision date, and a version number to insure you have an updated version. This is necessary to help mitigate outdated copies of our books what we write on our writing hours.

Each ebook is priced in such a way to insure ease of purchase. However; depending on a size of a book; prices may vary. For example; you are a librarian who purchase a 200-page ebook, and it costs$75.00 USD… and there’s a setup via OCOU or CPC… depending on how we publish our work.

We set our own proprieatary price ceiling as a way to prevent price gouging.

A Note About Purchasing Ebooks From Online Retailers

If you purchased a copy of an ebook; you technically purchase a license to access our content, and we believe there’s issues with ebook stores themselves. Once you bought a copy; you can’t unhook from a product. To prevent digital versions of hording, we skip these online ebook stores as a way to help midigate this issue.

If you were concerning about your privacy; you may need to consider relying on public libraries.

If an ebook store goes out of business, or it was end up closed, your purchased materials are lost, it’s strongly recommended to download your copy… before it happens.


Print on demand books are physical books what you can repurchase many times. We still support POD books as a way to enable non-digital communities to consume our works.

Also, you can recycle older copies when new versions arrive. However; you can resell POD books if you want. Be aware outdated books may be still present via most public libraries.

Print books are key for audience to read physical copies at most places where use of a computer or any mobile device isn’t possible when constantly connected to the internet, such as the following:

  • Residential homes where internet is NOT installed, or if you are a custodian who don’t allow computers or internet use for certain individuals, such as: sex offenders, rapists, sex traffickers, and child abusers.
  • Certain places where use of wireless devices are discouraged… like sensitive areas where they operate sensitive radio equipment in certain regions.
  • retro-style libraries where computers are NOT present
  • Oldschool hotels
  • Non-digital locations in some establishments
  • Certain recovery centers… such as rehabilitation centers for abused children who need new homes
  • Poor communities without computers
  • Non-digital communities
  • Prisons/jails
  • Developing nations
  • Retro communities

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