Why Some Of Your Gamebooks Are Branded With “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy” When Downloading A Gamebook From Your Online Store?

This is important to insure you are getting a correct product from us. Gamebooks with our branding indicate we developed this game within our studio, and we currently rely on efforts to provide legitimate reusable gamebooks for our customers.


Our Gamebooks Are DRM-Free

All gamebooks purchased from our store are DRM-Free. That means; you can play our games on your machine. However; our gamebooks what we write from scratch always have a “DRM-Free” setup as a way to help reduce issues with other software used to play gamebooks.

If you purchase our gamebook; you get a download via a ZIP folder that contains a game what you want to play. Typically, online gamebooks are free to play, but an ad-free experience is key to enable players to play our games without hassles of ads displaying inside our gamebooks.

Our Gamebooks Are always Updated On A Regular Basis

If you recently played our updated gamebooks via the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade (online), you can see how our games are updated to a next version. Be aware; archived versions of our gamebooks may be implemented via our archives on our website, or you can purchase our ad-free archives. However; updated games come with features what you may encounter.

No Sexualized Characters

That’s right!! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy does NOT sexualize characters. If you believe Fairies Dreams & Fantasy supposed to be free of sexualized content… we will keep our work free of sexualized characters. No child don’t want to see exposed cleavage, nor exposed parts of these dirty body parts that are sexual in nature.

Always Accessible For The Blind

If you have a braille display; and you play our gamebooks online; we always ensure our games are accessible for the blind. All gamebooks use pure plain text as a way to support braille displays.

Easy To Replace Digital Downloaded Gamebook

If you need to repurchase our gamebook, don’t worry!! You are NOT forced to keep indefinite downloads with a long term license like other content markets. Privacy is key for you to enjoy your game without needing to have an account with us.

If you recently played an updated version of our gamebook on the internet; you can still download an updated version after purchase.

If you were playing a free downloaded version of our gamebook; updating it is just straight forward; just get a new copy, and confirm you have an updated version.

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