Why Are Your Text-Adventure Games Are Linked To Other Games?

That Applies to the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, if you are looking for Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy’s specific gaming section, this gaming section is not available.

If you were recently turning around via a warp center of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade’s game, most likely, you were end up moving to a different game because of the following factors:

You Chose One Of The Odd Choices

To help prevent bad bots from abusing our system; we implemented odd choices to encourage a player to make an initial choice when choosing to play any of these games. However; that applies to choosing a character, an action, or an animal to ride. If you were just curious about this feature; you can see how these other games are linked as a way to point you to a relevant game.

I’ve been directed to a page or game that don’t exist, what should I do?

Don’t panic! just use your browser’s back button. It does happen sometime. If you were been directed to a page that don’t exist; please let us know, so we can place a placeholder page there.

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