The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade Overview

This article will provide you information about the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade (online).


Applies To Online Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

The following section applies to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade (online). If you are refering to a brick and morter version of this multi-in-one arcade… a planned project in the future; refer to the another section of this article.

Main Page

This is a landing page what you may reach on your browser. This online arcade is composed of text-adventure games what you can play for free. Each text-adventure game has a category assigned to them. However; All Text-adventure games are linked from each category. Typically, text-adventure games don’t use graphics, and they use light on dark color schemes to mitigate blue light on screens. We use green or pink text as an alternative to blue text, and use dark backgrounds as a way to midigate light usage on newer OLED displays on newer devices.

If a game is available, a game is added to a table of newly released games section of this page. Be aware, this page always receive updates when possible. However; this main page always have other features like links to other websites within our network of our subdomains, or other networks.

The Game Samples section is a section where you can view and play game samples for playing games that are currently being developed. Although; these games are provided for a short term, and they’re removed when new games are available to play.

The Browse Section

This is a place where you can browse other text-adventure games that are available to play. This is a list of games available to play when games are available. However; this section often receive updates when necessary.

You can browse by animal, category, or by letter.

Browsing By Letter

You can browse by letter for games that are listed in order. Each set of games are on pages with a max of 30 games to play. However; these games to play are always updated when possible.

Each page always have interesting content to read when you browse other games to play.

Browse By category

This is a fun way to browse games by category. It has a list of games jampacked with interesting content to read. This is key to attract visitors who visit this website. Content is updated when possible. However; this section always have games that are sorted by relevant categories.

It’s like a library of games to play!

Applies To Brick & Morter Version Of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade


This is an upcoming project when financial requirements are met.

This section is coming soon!

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