Why Are Your Games Beginning With A Disclaimer?

The following topic will give you information about why there are disclaimers in our games found at the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade (online):

What’s The Purpose Of A Disclaimer Before Official Play Of Each Game

This is a safety feature when picking a game to play. Each game what we add to our arcade has a disclaimer as a way to inform users about some content may be sensitive to some players who play our text-adventure games, or informing our users about our use of ads in our games.

For example; you were playing a game that requires you to save dogs from being slaughtered for meat, or you were saving a cat from being spanked by a cruel owner. An anti-spanking content disclaimer is implemented as a way to inform your gamers about why you should never use this game as a substitute for prevention of spanking in families/schools/homes/institutions.

If you were playing a game that may contain violence; we implement a disclaimer, and discourage anyone from condoning violence under any way.

Interesting Fact

You heard of “Don’t try this at home,” or any other messages, this is key for our anyone’s safety. But some people don’t understand.

Untold, teens and some children often copy off events taken place in some games and TV shows,–and even movies. A disclaimer discouraging anyone from trying what they see on screen may be absent,–resulting to many of these small kids doing violent acts, or worse. This is a known issue for some parents who were concerned of violence at most institutions. Bullies often disregard these disclaimers, resulting to companies who develop games get sued by parents. Most games what we often play have rating systems to sort content that is suitable for certain audience groups. Mature-rated games are the known vehicle what bullies often use as a plotting tool to cause harm.

Please Note:

We update disclaimers on a regular basis as a way to keep them up to date. Always read disclaimers carefully before playing any of these games.

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