Why Are Your Text-Adventure Games Have Initial Choices Via A Warp Center?

That applies to The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, NOT Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy!

This article also applies to games available on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, not downloaded from our online store.

This is key to insure you are playing these text-based games properly. However; adding odd options enables you to choose what you want to do. This is key to insure you are being targeted towards other relevant games. If you made a strategic choice via a warp center; you can progress into a text-adventure game.

How It Works

If you were about to play for example; “Rat Ride Adventure” and you were making a choice between a rat, rabbit, or cat to ride; each animal will lead you to a different direction. One of these animals that are relevant may lead you to a relevant game that may enable you to progress into a game what you want to perform. If you choose to ride a rat for this instance; you progress further into this game, and you typically read initial text that are intentionally formatted like a long story to read. That also primes your imagination for your gaming experience. Also this is critical for this game to have initial text to start your journey into an official game what you are about to play.

If you chose to ride a rabbit, you may take the another route, and you may land on a specific page to find a relevant game that focus on riding rabbit.

Each initial choice has a series of pages that are scrambled like a book with an intentionally mixed pages. Each HTML file has a number value to help prevent cheaters from incorrectly playing our games. However; each file with a number as a name is key to keep pages sorted.

When you land on an “exiting” section of a game

It always have a reason why you haven’t reached a game what you’re trying to play, it always have a “Retry” action for retrying your play of this game. This is key for gamers to play this game without any effort. You also have an option to choose relevant games that are available.

Every game is linked; so you can jump between other games that are available to play.

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