Why Text-Adventure Games Are Being Upgraded With Background Updates?

That applies to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.

We update text-adventure games as a way to enable you to get the best experience. However; our text-based games are designed with accessibility in mind, and we always add accessibility as a way to enable any person who play games to get the best experience. Most of our previous versions of our text-adventure games are replaced with newer versions. However; we always keep our text-adventure games current as a way to help keep up with our players who requested features for our games.

How Does An Update Process Work?

Each time when an updated version of our game is being mentioned on our blog, we provide information about an update, and new features what we implemented. However; updates are usually delayed up to 3 weeks to insure our games are tested and and evaluated before release. All text-adventure games are ad supported. However; we also rely on our players who use browsers that enable us to get support from our users who use privacy-enabled browsers that may reward you for your browsing activity.

Our text-adventure games are always developed on Linux machines over Windows machines because, we must prevent our work from being infected with viruses and other malware. Also we implemented our update method when adding a fix to spelling errors, design issues, CSS problems, and more.

The version number always change when our game is updated, and we use this strategy to enable users like you to find out if this game is up to date. If we didn’t have a version number; figuring out if this update is posted isn’t possible.

The Version Number

We use a versioning system that is composed of 4 numbers. A decimal point divides each number. For example:

A suffix may have the following attributes:


This is a tested version of our text-adventure game that is tested, evaluated, and released for players who wanted to play our text-based games. This is a recommended version for our players who wanted to play our stable game.

It always use a whole number of our version with at least 1 decimal digit available.


This is a version of this game that may be ready for playing, but this game may have bugs associated with this game. However; this game is usually used for testers who wanted to test our game. Be aware; this update is usually present with a current version of this game. However; this game may be under construction in some levels, or some other features.

It always use a 3rd number with our versioning system. However; this number may be borrowed when nightly builds may be present.

Nightly Build

This is a build that maybe present when you play this game. However; this is normal for this game to have this build. However; this build doesn’t effect this game what you’re playing. However; you may see some partial updates to UI, ads, levels, etc.

Uploading of New Games

When we upload a new text-adventure game to our servers; we replace a broken version of this game as a way to enable our updated game to reside in our servers. Be aware, our games what we update may require us to delete a folder from our server, and replace it with our new one. Always read our blog what we’ve mentioned above, and wait for these updates to be posted, we usually post these updates at either 18:00; or 21:00 CDT. We use CDT to insure our servers use our region’s CDT to insure our files get a chance to be discovered by our players.

Older versions of our games are always replaced, but we have plans to provide our older versions of games to the general public to remix and modify.

All updates are delayed up to 3 weeks when possible for typical releases that are stable.

Nightly builds are released each night, and they’re available to play.

Why This Update Strategy

This is key to keep our games up to date, and rapidly prototype our work. Prototyping is key for us to insure our games are available to play.

If we don’t rapidly prototype our work, that can be difficult for some people who wanted to play our games.

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