Using Brave Web Browser To Play Text-Adventure Games On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

Now you can play our text-based games on our website. We joined an ad network that is an alternative to Google AdSense. These privacy-enabled ads will be available as we find ways to monetize our text-based game.

Before You Begin

Follow the following instructions before you use this browser:, if you already have Brave set for everyday use, skip this step

Download It From Brave’s Official Website

Visit Brave’s official website, and choose your version that is associated with your operating system, and follow their official instructions.


After you set your default browser for your device, configure it for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s specified setup:

Enable Ads

Be sure to whitelist our ads and other widgets what we use on this website for the purpose of monetizing our website. Don’t worry, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy treats your privacy very seriously. Be sure to keep fingerprinting blocked for your privacy.

Set Your Browser To Replace Ads With Privacy-Enabled Ads

Always enable this feature,–in order for you to see these ads that are respecting your privacy. It’s always a good idea to enable this feature as a way to enable us to monetize our website… the different way.

If you already have rewards enabled, optionally set your amount to support our website.


Test your browser by playing any of our text-based games, and confirm if privacy-enabled ads are present, it may take some time for these ads to fully take effect.

Using A Private Browser Tab

If you open your fresh browser tab; and you want to go incognito; type Ctrl-N to activate a private browser tab. Type a URL to our text-adventure game, and press enter.

Play a game like usual, and confirm if normal ads are replaced, if not; you may need to use a VPN to hide your location.

If you Were Using An Android Device

This section also applied to “DeGoogled” devices. If you have a “DeGoogled” device, check with an alternate store to find out if this browser is available.

If you were using a conventional Android Device, follow the official instructions when installing this App.


Periodically wipe your private browser to keep yourself remain invisible when using a private browser. Also, be sure to keep track where you left off by writing down where you last left off via a piece of paper, or text document.


Enable autoplay of media, that works the best for our website. This is key to enable our features on our website to work.

If your Brave browser is managed by an orginization, such as a school, hospital, or any other company; you may need to speak to your system administrator about setting up this browser for this website.

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