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Creating an account with us enables you to leave comments on posts without needing to fill out info each day. That also enables you to subscribe to pre-paid premium content service without ads displayed on our website. This is necessary for you to enjoy our content as we offer new content to read for anyone. Also, you can also post to forums, and update profiles.

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To create an account with us, follow these steps:

Find And Pick Your Best Email Provider

In order to create an account with us, you must have a working email address that is valid. For this instance, Microsoft Outlook, or other email platform,–or use a privacy-enabled email service such as: ProtonMail. If you have your own website via your own server, you can use your own domain. This is useful if you wanted to dedicate your own email for other uses.

Be aware, GMail by Google, Apple’s iCloud, Yahoo, and Microsoft Outlook have different privacy policies, and their TOS pages. Think twice before signing up for these platforms. If you were concerned about your privacy of your data, find a privacy-enabled email platform who will NEVER sell your data to advertisers, or provide data to the wrong hands.

Activate the “Register” Link

Follow the prompts when creating an accounts with us. These prompts will guide you through.

Activate Your Account By Confirming Your Email

If you received an email from us… check if this email has a link to activate your account. Activate a link to activate your account.

If you didn’t receive an email from us, check your spam folder to see if our email has been mistaken as spam. If this is the case; please whitelist our emails for the best results.


If you were at school, or any business location, check if cookies are enabled on their machines. If you were using a managed device, check with your administrator if your device is able to access this website when accessing your account.

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