Why Is My Membership Expired And How Do I Renew It?

This article applies to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium and Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy respectively.

Depending on your membership plan; your membership has a set length, depending on your membership plan selected by you. You can renew your membership by checking if you had an email for renewing your membership sent to you. If you were about to log into your account; and you’re redirected back to a login page, most likely your account is expired. If this is a case, follow the instructions:

  1. Check if we sent an automated email to you when your account is about to expire. If you can’t find it, check the spam folder.
  2. Click on a special link to renew your membership. You can make a payment there,–the same way as you first signed up. Try logging back in to confirm if you can access your account.
  3. Verify if your membership has been renewed by viewing premium content. If you can view premium content, your membership is valid.

If you wanted a longer membership; you can go to the Upgrade Page to choose A longer membership.

Keep in mind; longer memberships can expire as well, but you have lots of time.

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