Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search Overview

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has a dedicated search site where you can perform searches via a custom search system. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search is just a static website. It used to be a secure site, but due to our budget for our website, we have to keep it as a standard site without SSL, however’ I’m planning on getting it back,–after we fully finished working with my website.

This search site uses a search box, and it display results on the another page.


What To Expect

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search is a static website dedicated to search for content like a normal search engine. Except this site has a plain html search bar or box. On the another page, the results are shown, and the search box is located above the results console. Each search command what you type in this search field or search prompt will enable results to appear after enter is pressed.

The sidebar is used for other items on this website, for example; a banner for internet activists to make our web a better place.

When you click on a title of this website via a link at the top of this webpage, it takes you back to the main page where you started a search earlier.

The results.html page is the place where search results are displayed. Most of these pages are using a light text on a dark background like a legacy DOS machine, or any other legacy machine. most of the text is lit, but the background is extremely dark because, if you have a CRT monitor for years, and you start her up after being idle for years without usage on your computer, your monitor can use less power. The monitor will use less energy to display lit text. However; you need to check with your maker of your monitor for power information.

If you have a lit clipboard, you won’t able to accomplish power reduction. You can work around this problem by changing your desktop background to a solid black color. You may need to turn off your lights in your room to confirm if your monitor is visible.

Instructions when performing a search:

As you go to search.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com/, you will land on a search box, if not… you can manually navigate to it.

If you have a mobile device, tap at the search field to enter your search, and hit enter or go. You will warp to the results page. If you have trouble… use an external keyboard.

Keep in mind; depending on your device, your browser may show this website differently.

If you want to reset your search, click on the title link, it will take you back to home, and you can perform searches again.

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