Why Can’t I Comment?

When leaving comments on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; cookies are required to post comments. Or in some cases, comments may be disabled on any posts published on this website. To leave comments; you must provide your name, email, and an optional website URL to leave comments. Sometimes, your comments may be held to keep this site safe. That means, your comment will not be published to this site,–until it’s fully approved The reason why all comments might be held is the following:.

  • It contains objectionable content that may be infected with foul words.
  • It could be a spam comment.
  • Your comment may be misleading. And it’s not relevant to certain content.
  • Your comment is linked to spam websites.
  • Your comment may contain broken links. For example; a page that doesn’t exist.
  • Links that lead to adult sites.
  • Links to websites that distribute unauthorized content that is copyrighted.
  • Comments with unsolicited advertising for the purpose of gaining revenue.
  • Comments that are built to bully anyone.
  • Spank threats that are illegal.
  • Facilitate schemes to defraud anyone’s copyright, or other intellectual rights to their content.
  • Comments that are built to submit chain letters.
  • Comments with MLM schemes, pyramid schemes, or other fraudulent investment schemes.
  • Comments that are built to facilitate terrorism, and plans to bomb any location.

Sometimes; your system administrator has blocked certain cookies from your browser to prevent malware, or spying ads from tracking your move online. Check with your administrator for assistance. If you can contact your administrators; ask them to whitelist this site. Or use your own computer with your own internet connection to go.

Any comments with disposible email addresses will NOT be accepted at this time,–due to high levels of spam.

Your internet connection isn’t fast enough! Try finding a different ISP that is fast enough. Or in some cases; your browser is outdated, and it needs to be updated. You can try a different browser to check if the comments area is appearing like it should. If it appears, most likely your other browser is not capable to output these fields for leaving comments. However; if you believed your internet connection is causing this problem you can do any of the following:

  • You can go to your wireless router and reset it with manufacturer’s instructions. Wait for your router to reboot. Update it,–if necessary.
  • Check if your ethernet cables are working properly. You can observe the flashing lights to determine if these cables are functioning correctly. If the cords are not functioning right; most likely these cables are either defective, or damaged,–and they need to be replaced. If you live in an area where is susceptible to rodents; a rodentproof cable set is needed, or a cage system that will house the cables.
  • Check with your ISP to determine if your internet connection is functioning correctly. If your ISP suggests you to get your router repaired. Enable the technician to install a new router,–if the router is damaged by lightning strikes, or power failures.
  • Your electrical system in your home need repairs.
  • Your Internet provider has gone bankrupt, and you need to move to a different provider.

Sometimes, you can encounter problems with your computer itself. Or your memory in your computer needs to be replaced. Never the less; if you believe your HDD is doing this problem, most likely your disk is failing:

  • You can fix this problem by checking your drive for errors on your machine.
  • Change the data/power cable.
  • Cleaning out the case of your computer.
  • Or replace the HDD altogether.

If you believe you’re low in memory; follow these instructions:

  1. Power off your computer or device.
  2. Open your computer case, and locate the memory units.
  3. Replace them with a larger capacity units.
  4. Clean out your case.
  5. Close up your computer case.
  6. Restart your computer, and revisit this website, and confirm your browser is working like it should. 8 GB memory is powerful enough than conventional low memory computers. Your memory is the faster unit in your computer. The more memory you have, the faster your machine will run.

Common problems when leaving comments on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (applies to all sites) is your comment not being submitted properly, taking a long time to submit, or not submitting at all.

Mandatory fields may be blank.

If for some reason if you have trouble leaving comments,–after you checked if you were getting enough speed from your networking hardware. Most likely you had a bad connection, or in some cases, your computer has blocked java-script, or your machine is infected with malware. If you believe your machine is infected; follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Activate your anti-virus software of choice, and run a full scan.
  3. Either remove the potential threat manually, or automatically,–depending on your prefered anti-virus program.
  4. Restart your computer again.
  5. Remove unwanted programs from your machine.
  6. Revisit this website to confirm if the comments area is appearing like normal.
  7. Again, clearing bad cookies and cache will help your browser free up space. You can try adjusting your browser settings to allow cookies. If you still can’t get your cookies to work. Your browser has been hijacked with malware, and a security flaw needs to be reported to developers who written a browser.

    If you were using a PC that is susceptible to endless malware attacks; try using a different computer with an open-source operating-system.