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All content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is free to read. However; you might need to check if your browser is up to date. And you might also check if your monitor can easily display content. If you want to jump to a category on this site, you can either perform a search, brows the sitemap, or look for any categories displayed on the bottom of each post.


Before You Begin

The owner of this website often clean up some of these posts that were migrated from a different blog/website. You might see some of these posts that weren’t categorized. This cleanup may startle you, but don’t panic! This is the current cleanup what the owner of this site is currently doing. If the cleanup is completed; all posts will be organized across the entire site.

What to expect

As you view content on this website; light text on a dark background resembles an LED display window. This color scheme is necessary for some monitors to reduce power… that applies to CRT monitors and other monitors that generate lit text/images.

occasional edits may be present when posts are being updated, moved to subsites. These subsites are important to keep content organized, and focused when reading content.

About the subsites with different content

Each subsite is designed to organize content types, whenever if it’s a news site, wiki, or any site content. Most of them rely on a same color scheme,–depending on a subsite. Dark backgrounds with lit text makes it easier for you to read. Think about an LED or VFD screen on your favorite Stereo system, microwave oven, VCR, or your legacy adding machine. LED displays are fun. If our devices revert back to them; we can easily see what’s being displayed.

Each site is unique,–so you can know where you’re exactly going.

Almost all content is published sometime,–depending on how much time it takes to write posts.

If you were using a mobile device, such as a tablet, or phone; you can view our site via a smaller scale! And read our site on a go.

Requirements For Accessing Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

Here are the requirements for accessing Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,–so you can have a better experience with my site:

  • A computer running Linux, or any open-source OS, or a Chrome device.
  • Any mobile OS will do.
  • An updated browser of any kind,–except for Internet Explorer.
  • Stable fast internet connection. Be sure to check with your ISP to varify if your internet connection is fast enough.
  • Any display will do. You might need to perform an A/B test.

If you already met these requirements; but you can still access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; you are already set.

Why this site doesn’t support Windows?

Microsoft Windows is always susceptible to malware infection. I don’t recommend this operating-system because, I’m a linux user who run this website. It’s possible to switch from windows to linux.

If you lived in a country where is susceptible to censorship, and corruption, I’ve implemented a script that will help you bypass their sensoring mechanism. Always check if my website is reachible. If it’s reachable; that means you have access to my site.

Leaving Comments

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