Reusing My Fictional Characters

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki has a dedicated repository where you can explore my fictional characters where I’ve licensed them under a Creative Commons license,–so you can reuse them without any effort. You are free to reuse them, but please provide me credit.

To reuse my characters


Your content must be DRM-free, and it must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license 2.0; 3.0; 4.0; or higher. Never claim trademark or copyright of my characters as your intellectual property under any circumstances. Corporations shall NOT practice any scheme that is design to fraudulently claim intellectual property rights to my characters at my repository.

If including my characters in your ebook

Review your ebooks, or real books what you’re writing. If you’re doing this for the first time, and you want to include my characters with your own; be sure to set aside your credits page, that way; if you want to rapidly paste a new page. You can write a statement like this,–by looking at this text-based diagram below:


Amanda the Fairy is created possible by Aaron Johnson,–licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license. To view a copy of this license, please visit: [link to CC license page goes here]

You can link the name of my character to a corrosponding wiki post, and my name to my main site. If you were reusing multiple characters from my repository; you can implement a dedicated table, and implement other authors to your book,–if you have multiple contributors. With this statement: [my character] is provided by Aaron Johnson Or something similar. You can also add: The characters reused in this book is freely licensed by Aaron Johnson. This book is not endorsed, nor affiliated with Aaron Johnson, or his site Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. His characters that were used in this ebook are NOT trademarked under any circumstances. This is an important practice because, that prevents people from being confused with your characters and my characters.

If you created movies or TV shows

You can implement credits to help yourself keep track of reusing my characters from my repository. You can alternatively use these statements: [My Character] is created by Aaron Johnson... then the creative commons statement.

If used for creating toys, games, or other things

If reuse is via custom goods, be sure to varify if they meet the following requirements:

  • If it’s a ride-on type toy,–it must be design for everyone of all ages, at least large enough for a 5.5 feet tall person, handles weight at least 250 lbs or higher.
  • GPL compliant hardware.
  • Creative Commons license left intact (required)
  • Open-documentation

What to do if you lost track of my characters what you’ve reusing:

Try to search, and browse your computer, or online storage. If you have trouble logging into your online file storage account, be sure to contact your site-administrator for assistance. If you have your own computer, check if you have any backup copies of your work, and notes. You may write it down, and save printed copies,–that way if you had trouble with your computer, you won’t lose track of reuse history.

Always check back on this website to confirm if there’s any updates. If you still want to keep up with updates, you can grabb the RSS feed to get updates on your browser,–if it has a built-in RSS feed reader. If it doesn’t… you can find an extension, or any application that is available.


Be careful when working with your project with your other creators. Be sure to implement a policy, or a contract that will prevent other creators from launching fraudulent trademarking schemes. Always educate your creators about why copyfraud is bad. Since copyfraud is on the rise; you have to watch out for any sign of trolls who were involved in fraudulently copyrighting, or trademarking your work.