Why Is My Screen-Reader Stalling While I Write Long Posts Over 4000 Words?

If you experiencing some issues with your screen-reader while you’re using Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer; be sure to check with your screen-reader developer to find out if your screen-reader is capable of handling 4000 words in your blog post.

If you were using Chromevox on your Google Chromebook; you may need to report an issue. This bug has been occuring during each version of Chrome OS, or your standalone browser.

To figure out if your screen-reader is stalling when typing in long post editor fields

For Chromevox Classic Users (Chrome OS/Browser Extension)

On your Chromebook,–any model will do… Press Ctrl-Alt-Z to activate Chromevox.

Type Ctrl-N or Ctrl-T to open a new tab, and type in your website at the onmibox.

Log into your site, and create a new post, or use the quick draft area. If you were editing your existing post, use the word count feature to determine if your screen-reader has these breakpoints,–or stallpoints.

If you can type in the text-based field,–not WYSIWYG-based editor; use this feature to confirm if your screen-reader is functioning.

If Chromevox stalls… slow down your typing. If it halts; file a bug by pressing Alt-Shift-I, and let the Chrome developers know about your issue. You might need to reboot Chromevox to do this task.

Save your post, and take a screenshot, and let other users know about the issue with this screen-reader what you’re using.

For Chromevox Next users

use a specific Chromevox next keyboard commands to navigate to the text area of your post editor.

If both versions stall when typing, most likely Chromevox is defective, and you may need to use a different computer with a different screen-reader.

If you were using a major screen-reader, such as NVDA, JAWS, or any major screen-reader what you used; check if they have any possible limits.

You can perform this test by writing at least 4000 words as you create a new post as draft. If any of your major screen-readers are NOT doing it’s job, try installing more memory to your device.