Understanding Categories and Tags For Your Website/Blog

Whether you’re writing stories that are fictional, or you’re just writing reviews; it’s easier to sort your content by categories. Say if you write about Jewish culture,–along with writing about your favorite movies; you can categorize your posts as you publish a new post for your website/blog.

Categorizing your posts

Go to your website dashboard by typing your site’s URL,–follow by /wp-admin

, and log in. If you were prompted to login; enter your login information.

After you logged into your site dashboard, go to the posts section, and edit or create a new post.

At the post editor; go to the categories section, and create new categories. You’ll be presented with a text field, and a button to add new categories. Your list of categories will be updated.

Activate the add new category link again, and select your desired categories.

Either activate the “Save Draft” button, “Update” button, or “Publish” button,–after you are done. You can always change your categories if you want to edit your categories as you build your site.

Using categories is useful to organize your posts on your website because of the following:

  • It’s easier to organize your content,–making it less cluttered. This is pretty useful if your site gets bigger overtime. Think about building a house, or writing a long book for your readers. Or in some cases; you had a super large site that contains lots of posts that focused on one topic, but some of them are in a different topic what you’re currently building up..
  • If your post uses one category, and you have each posts categorized with 1 category, but you use tags; you might need to use different categories as you organize large posts that you write.You can also setup subcategories,–if you wanted to further organize other content.–whether if you written posts as a wiki for your books, characters, movies, etc.
  • Without categories; your content may be too difficult to be related to certain topics, all of them will be labeled as “Uncategorized” as a default category.

Tagging your posts

Tags are optional. You can place tags that is related to your posts, this is useful if you want to get your content searched via a search engine.

Just add tags at the tags field, and activate the add button. Use the “X” button to remove a tag.


Don’t use tags for the purpose of gaining traffic for your content on your site. Use tags that are relevant to your post content. None the less; be careful NOT to use too much tags, or non-related tags when publishing your new posts because that may lead your site to become a splog, or a spam site.

Choose tags carefully when tagging posts. Be careful not to overuse tags, or repeat other tags that is relevant to your content.

Keep in mind; you can also go to the tags area on your dashboard to see an overview of your commoly used tags on your site. It’s the same thing what your categories are presented.

Adding descriptions to your categories

This is useful if you wanted to describe your category for your visitors who wanted to see which category what they’re looking for. You can add HTML to your description,–whether you’ve wanted to add an image to your description.

Go to the categories section, and edit a category of choice.

Go to the description area, and describe your category.

Activate the update button, and confirm your data is saved.

View your categories page to confirm your description is visible. You can always edit your category later on, whether you’re fixing a typo, you can always update your description at anytime without any limits, and no fees!

Creating A Free Website with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself doesn’t have any functionality to create your own blog/website, but a writer version enables you to write your own stories within Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Whether you are writing lots of books, movies, or any kind of written content what you’ve created yourself. You can write any subject of your story. Each user has his/her own site.

To create a site, and start writing your stories, you need to create an account within Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer. If you already had an account; and you already had a site; you can create unlimited amount of blogs if you want. If you don’t have an account; follow these steps:

  1. Go to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer website and look for the join link, or something similar; you’ll be directed to a signup page.

  2. Fill in your user name, email, and password. Choose to get you a website, give your site a name, and the URL that represents your website, and fill in the description (if available), and click the sign up button. Wait for your confirmation email to appear in your inbox.

  3. Go to your email account, and look for a confirmation email message, activate the link, and follow the instructions.

  4. Log into your site, and start writing content. Be sure to publish these important pages, such as the following:

    • Disclosure Policy – This page is important for all webmasters when using affiliate programs what you’ve currently use for your website, whether you do product reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, etc. This is necessary for all bloggers who wanted to monetize their content. If your site is susceptible to ad-based monetization; your website must have an easy to navigate features. Such as a sitemap, uncluttered layout, visible links, managable widgets, and more.
    • Privacy Policy – It’s necessary to implement a Privacy Policy page because, this is mandatory for all website owners around the world,–especially when handling users around the world.
    • TOS page – This is necessary if you allow anyone to contribute to your website as a service. For example; you launched a site where users can contribute to your site that focuses on vegetarianism, combating pollution, etc. This page is really useful if you want to keep bad activities out. If you confirmed you’ve became a reputable webmaster, and you want to let us know about your reputable actions with your users, and get special exemptions of our Terms of Use, just open a paid support ticket to request an exemption. All exemption requests are subject to webmaster approval. Why reputable webmasters need this because, our goal is to be flexible enough for many site owners to keep their sites running smoothly.
    • Commenting Guidelines or Comment Policy – This is useful if you want to keep spammers out of your commenting system. That can also be useful to govern users who were leaving comments on your website.
    • Welcome page – This is used to create a front page of your site. You can add images, text, and embedded videos to fully represent your site.


    Domain mapping is currently not available on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer. However; this feature will be coming soon later on when Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer grows overtime.

  5. Once your site is setup as you create something new, be sure to create new categories, and describe them with a long description that represents your category. You can always go back to creating these categories at anytime. Don’t just put all of these tarts in one basket.

    Orient yourself inside the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy control panel, but don’t be daunted with these controls. It may take some time,–depending on your blogging needs.

  6. Once you’re used to these controls within Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself; you may blog like normal, and enjoy.

Getting Started With Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy includes Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer; a blogging platform where you can write your own stories what you’ve dreamed up. For example; you write lots of fantasy novels for your audience who really like fantasy,-related content. You can easily publish your stories quickly with your own content.

Signing up for your free site/blog

Signing up is free, there’s no paywalls to worry about. Whether you wanted to have features for your site, new features will appear overtime. That means; your ability to publish as much stories as you want. No feature is premium on this website because, this site relies on free plugins, some plugin developers place a donate button on their control panel interfaces because, that enables them to keep building new plugins.

To sign up, go to writer.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com and click on Register. Choose a desired user name,–as long it’s not trademarked by anyone. Fill in your working email address and a desired password. Always use at least 15 characters of your password. Navigate to the switch,–and Give your new site a name, choose if you want your site to be visible by search engines, and then hit the button to complete signup.

Go to your email account to check if your activation email is delivered to you. If it’s not there; be sure to check your spam folder to see if your email program has moved it there. As you open your email, navigate to a link to activate your account. Once your account is activated; you are ready to start writing. Have fun!

If you already have posts on your other website that is a free blogging platform, you can import your existing content. Check with your free blogging platform for instructions that focuses on exporting content.

You can categorize your posts to sort your content like books in the library. Whether you wanted to sort all of your content what you’ve wrote for years. Unlike relying on conventional labels, it’s easier to sort your content. For example; you write about pets… you create a “Pets” category, or you write about saving our environment, you can set this category that focuses on environment.

Choosing a Creative Commons License For Your Work

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization who develops licenses for our work,–so we can choose which permission levels we can allow other creators to reuse our works. You can go to https://creativecommons.org/ to learn more about these licenses what they’re developing.

Using the Head and Footer Code Boxes

This feature is available for users to insert JS code to enhance their website. For example; inserting ad code to monetize their content. It’s easier to include or exclude ads as you write new posts, or pages.

Always check with your ad provider to see if any of their ad codes work properly. For safety reasons, users aren’t able to insert ad code in their sidebar widgets.

If this is the case, you can try using these alternative ad providers, such as Shareaholic,, Outbrain, or any of these other ad platforms,

Each User has a blog/site in his/her site directory

your-site-name.writer.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com is the place where your blog lives. Cause writer is placed in the subdomain,; all sites are kept in subdomains. It’s kind of like building a house,–except you’re connected to each home. All sites hosted on writer.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com are unique,–so you can know where you’re actually going!

Since there’s only Few leading free site hosting features have paid upgrades, such as unlimited posting, uploads, storage, and number of sites; this blogging platform is the right place to be.

You can create a number of unlimited blogs if you want, but it’s always a good idea to manage your sites responsively.