The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Site Overview

This is a post that focuses on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy website itself. This overview article is always updated when necessary. Such as new features, fixes, etc.

Everywhere you go on my website… you can see posts what I write as a book, wiki, or any content what I create from scratch. All content is updated, edited and published by me.

You can always tell if I created my work,–by finding my profile picture. I can write entertaining stories what I think up from scratch. Although; there’s NO signups necessary on my site to read, and comment.

As you land on, you can see my homepage,–where I place a welcome message. Currently; I’m still constructing my homepage, so it can be attractive. Although; most of these categories on my site is used to divide my content, and most tags were used to match relevant keywords.

My website is sort of like a legacy DOS screen, but it relies on a light text on a dark background. That makes it possible for some CRT monitor users to reduce power. This site is text-based, and screen-readers can read content without effort. You can try it out, and see if your screen-reader can read my content.

Front Site

That’s my home site where I write stories. Not limited to a story about Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself. This front site is currently being cleaned up,–after I moved from Blogger. Sometimes I have to make sure my content what I’m writing is open-source as possible! See these Creative Commons Licenses below each post what I write on my front site? Whenever I published something new, and a CC license is implemented; that allows anyone to reuse my content safely.

Wondering about my website? Long ago,–during the time when I was using, I started my project, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. I developed my own characters; places, and my own style of my blog. It’s pretty small when I first started it. I’ve learned to use HTML to write my posts that were long enough for anyone to read longer,–just like reading books! My goal is to write a big blog as I can,–just like most bloggers.

Due to Blogger’s limitations; there’s no way to implement my own forums, self-hosted ad slots to sell my own ads, and their visual HTML editor is not suitable for everyday use. For this reason. I started to choose a web-hosting provider that doesn’t pollute our environment. And that’s when we started moving all of our posts to our new site as a new home.

My Wiki

I started building my wiki for my characters, books, and other content what I create myself. I need to build this wiki. That way; if someone who wants to reuse my characters for their open-source only projects. They can link back to me. That’s very important for safety of my work.

Whenever I author a new book, or a new post on my site, I always keep it open-source as possible. Unlike most creators who don’t go open-source, I always take extreme caution when blogging, and creating sites.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar is an important feature that enables you to navigate my website to go anywhere. For example; you wanted to go to the sitemap to jump to the category that you’re interested in. Say if you are jumping to a category, Fun Reads, you can find all of these posts that are fun to read for anyone of all ages. This sitemap never stops updating! Almost every 2 days, a post is created, but this site is currently slow, but speeding up my publishing efforts. I always try my best to publish entertaining content.

Almost all of my subsites has a navigation bar to jump to any site you wished to go to. But each site is unique,–so you can know where you’re actually going.! Each site has an about page, so you learn more about each subsite.

Post Index Page

That’s the place where all posts were displayed. Not just the posts were displaying; the sidebar widgets were also displaying too. These widgets were used for other uses on this site.

Footer Navigation Block

This block is coming soon! It’s currently under construction,–so you can use it later on as my site is finished being built.

Currently, parts of my website is still being developed, cool new things will be arriving soon.